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Why online coaching is the answer
you have been looking for

More cost effective

Even with a tight house hold budget, you can invest in your future for a fraction of the price of a Personal Trainer.

All about lifestyle

Tracking your lifestyle habits allows us to build sustainable, long term changes that promote a healthy balance in your life.

No more scheduling issues

Time poor? No bookings, no paying for lost time. Train around your schedule and spend more time with family and friends.

Train from home

Not yet confident in the gym? We can design your programs around any exercise equipment you have access to at home.

Coaches Support

You are never alone. We are only ever a click of a button away and always happy to help you out.

Measure and manage

Using various tools within our coaching platform, we monitor, review and adjust your programs to ensure optimal results are achieved.

We supply everything you need for your success

learn solid fundamentals to feel confident in continuing your journey on your own.


Easy to follow

Easy to follow training programs delivered through our fitness app.

Train anywhere

Whether you have access to a gym or not, we can design workouts around the equipment that you have at your disposal.

Variety is the spice of life

While ensuring that you are progressing, our coaches will make regular changes to your workouts so you never get bored or plateau.


One size doesn’t fit all

We offer different types of nutrition coaching depending on your goals and experience level.

No food is off limits

Our coaches will teach you how you can incorporate the foods that you love into your lifestyle and still reach your goals.

Knowledge is power

Our coaches, Brenton & Christine are both Precision Nutrition certified so you can know that you are in good hands.

Accountability & Support

Our support

Our coaches are always checking in with you so you feel supported, motivated and accountable.

Monitor your progress

There will be regular check in’s with the coaches to ensure that constant progress is being made. We focus on the metrics that are important to YOU and achieving your goals.

Any questions

Message us anytime you have a question or need to reach out, we are never far away.

Allan Transformation

Allen first came to us looking for some new training programs and nutrition guidance to keep him motivated on his weight loss journey.

After losing 30kg his next goal was to get strong as f…k and pull a 200kg deadlift.

Once he hit this target we re-evaluated his goals and suggested that he sign up for a novice powerlifting comp knowing that he would absolutely love it.

As expected, after his comp he was pumped and wanted to go deeper into the world of powerlifting. We knew this meant that we were no longer the best fit for Allen as a coach (We don’t specialise in powerlifting) so we made some suggestions on who we thought would be able to help him the most.

Integrity is one of our core values at ReGen Coaching and we are pleased that we could help Allen as much as possible on his journey.
“Regen Coaching are bloody LEGENDS! Told them my goals and they helped me all the way through. Even when I consistently changed my goals and strived for better they just adjusted and made programs for me to go by.

I hit a goal and head coach Brenton had suggested that I try out powerlifting thinking i would love it. An damn! I do. Since my first comp he set me a routine and then followed up with me and encouraged me to go to a powerlifting specialist.

So not only did he know I would be leaving ReGen Coaching but he knew I would be going to a specialist in powerlifting. Point is, the team at ReGen really care about your goals! They didn’t just keep me around to benifit themselves but encouraged me to find someone specialized in powerlifting 😁

Thanks ReGen team!

Love lots, ALLEN DYKE”

Bec & Steven Transformation

An extremely high recommendation just is not enough for what Brenton @ ReGen Coaching has done for us.

We have always been a pretty active couple but seemed to always struggle in the food department due to loving a good burger, or two.

ReGen has taught us that you are able to eat and enjoy everyday foods, within moderation but without feeling guilty whilst still working towards your goals.

Having a coach in the back of our mind to keep us accountable is exactly what we needed, especially when you only get married once!

Through-out our easy-to-follow journey we received constant check ins, guidance, support, advice, updates, knowledge, professionalism the list goes on…

A HUGE thank you to ReGen for helping us achieve our goals, gain confidence and become friends with food.

Rebecca McArthur

Kerran Transformation

Kerran has lost a massive 10kg over the last couple of months with ReGen. Not only has he been able to lose lots of fat but also get strong as f*ck at the same time.⁠

This has been a testament to his incredible work ethic and attitude.⁠

Unfortunately he busted his ACL playing footy but we’ve managed to create a plan to workaround his injury and continue making progress.⁠

Rhi Transformation

I signed up with ReGen at the end of Summer, feeling unmotivated for working out and having enjoyed (way) too many cocktails and cupcakes, putting on a few kilos, losing muscle, general fitness and having gotten into a cycle of yo-yo dieting. Ive had face-to-face Personal Trainers for years (and years), but this time I really wanted to try something different and give an online coach a go. ⠀⁠
From the very start, ReGen have been motivating me to get my steps in, get my workouts done, ensure Im eating enough protein, tracking my calories and keeping me accountable for achieving my goals (all things I had been struggling with). I can confidently say I am eating and training more consistently than I EVER have, more than when I was training with face to face trainers and coaches. Even during the Covid lockdown, ReGen came up with a program based on what I had around the house. ⠀⁠
They really helped with keeping me on track, focussed and motivated – no matter how much I didn’t feel like it, the positive support was always there to keep me going. I am so thrilled with my progress and was so excited when I compared my progress photos!!!! There’s not a doubt in my mind that Im going to keep achieving my goals and I genuinely dont think I’ll ever use an in person trainer again. ⠀⁠
I can’t recommend ReGen enough!

Rhiannon Foster

Kirsty Transformation

I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with ReGen Coaching so far! The expertise and guidance Coach Brenton has provided through my strength training sessions have been amazing.

His consistent updates, check-ins and re-designing my programs keep my progressing consistently and keep me on track to achieving goals we have set. His nutritional advice has also made a massive difference to my results!

Brenton has helped drastically improve my self confidence and my confidence in the gym. Thank you ReGen Coaching!

Kirsty Carmichael

Damien Transformation

I would highly recommend Brenton at ReGen Coaching and their team! I have been training for several years now but found myself starting to plateau and lose direction.

I first contacted ReGen to help me become accountable again and found that I was given great direction & advice along with an easy to understand nutrition and training plan via their free downloadable app, which was great to be able to track my food and training progress in real time.

Over each training cycle i had an easy line of communication via the app with Brenton to check in regularly. Whether it be to re-measure my body stats or re-assess my goals and progress from which we just made the needed adjustments or any opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns that I had.

I was pleasantly surprised with my results even with the duress of working 70+ hour weeks including study. With ReGen I was able to continually increase my working weight, 1RM lifts and reduce my body fat from 16.18% @ 79kg to 13.04% @78kg whilst still maintaining my lean body mass.

A big thank you to ReGen for being a professional, passionate & knowledgeable team and most of all for getting me back on track and helping me find my love for training again!

Train strong & Live well

Damien Mostratos

Todd & Kim Transformation

Todd and Kim came to us looking to make some healthy changes and lose some unwanted kg’s in the process.

By working as a team and supporting each other they were both able to see some awesome results.

Not only did they achieve a substantial amount of fat loss but were also able to maintain a social life in the process, which is an important part of their lifestyle.

Coach Brenton Transformation

To truly understand how our clients feel and what barriers they will face on their journeys, means as coaches, we need to have walked the walk.

In this transformation i started at 85kg @ 19.2% body fat.  After a very disciplined approach i was able to drop to 74.9kg @ 8.9% body fat over a 12 week period.

I also decided to compete in a novice powerlifting competition during this time and hit pb’s on my Bench Press, Squat & Deadlift (check our social media for the videos).

Now this is great, but the real challenge lies after you have reached your goals and the motivation wears off. Having the tools to not slip back into old habits and undo all your hard work is the real secret.

This is where understanding the fundamentals are so important and where ReGen Coaching really shine.  We will ensure that you have the confidence to make the right choices over the long term.

Try our 14 day trial for $1 to have a taste of our coaching experience and begin your own journey to a healthier life.

Brenton Mountford

Global access to your trainer

Through the ReGen Coaching Fitness app you will have access to all the tools required to change your life from anywhere in the world at anytime. We have clients all around the globe, from Singapore to Scotland and everywhere in between.

Easy Communication

Easy Communication

Reach out to your trainer through our in app messenger.

Exercise Library

Exercise Library

Unsure on an exercise? Watch our easy to follow exercise tutorial videos.

Nutrition Strategies

Nutritional Strategies

Take control of your nutritional habits.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress through a range of metrics including body measurements and progress photo comparisons.

Coaches Brenton & Christine Photoshoot Legpress

As part of the ReGen Coaching online training experience you will receive the following:

1 on 1 online coaching from a qualified trainer
Customised Training Plan With Exercise Videos
Nutritional Plan & Guidance
Ongoing One on One Accountability & Support
Regular check ins and communication to ensure progress
Macro Friendly Recipe E-Book – 140 Recipes
All the tools required to change your life

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