Alcohol & Fat Loss

Alcohol is a big part of our culture. Most people are fine with drinking in moderation and won’t be negatively affected.

But you still need to remember that alcohol is technically a macronutrient and contains 7 calories per gram of alcohol.  This means that even when mixing alcohol with 0 calorie mixers like vodka sodas for example, you are still taking in extra calories.

These calories offer zero benefit in terms of satiety. (Feeling full)

Since these calories aren’t making us feel full, we then decide that the late night Maccas run is actually a great idea.

Chances are, if you have had a few too many drinks you’re probably not too concerned about calories at this point in time so you order the burger, chips, nuggets and even an ice cream for good measure.

Now you’ve compounded all of the calories from you alcohol with the junk food.  

Even if you have had a solid week of eating well and training hard, your progress has been minimised and the cycle repeats.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can tell you how you can fit alcohol into your social life and still see results.

If you are tracking your macros then we suggest using up your carbs for the alcohol that you drink. You can then reduce your weekly calories and give yourself some room to play on the weekends.

Let’s say your daily calorie target is normally 2000. You can reduce it to 1700 for the other days of the week and leave some for the weekends special occasion.

Mon: 1700 cals

Tue: 1700 cals

Wed: 1700 cals

Thur: 1700 cals

Fri: 1700 cals

Sat: 3500 cals

Sun: 2000 cals

As long as those extra calories from the alcohol don’t cause a food binge you will still be on track.

Just be sure to eat enough protein before you start drinking as alcohol will not satisfy your hunger and you’re more likely to get hungry and binge.

If you’re really serious about your results then its best to avoid alcohol as much as possible as there’s too much room for error.

But if you love to have a drink then working them into your lifestyle through some forward planning and moderation is the way to go.

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