Why You Need A Training Partner

People love doing things together… We share dinners, movies, travel and a whole range of social activities that if done alone, just wouldn’t be as fun.

Now why should our training and exercise be any different?

Whether its your partner, best mate, family member or even just some stranger you just met on the street, below is a list of why you should get yourself a training partner:

Motivation & Accountability

We all understand what its like when you come home from a long day at work and you had every intention of making it to the gym but instead you decide that you will just sit down for five minutes and before you know it you are in the middle of an episode of your favourite Netflix series.

Having a training partner allows you to keep each other accountable.  Whether its the kind of relationship that offers a little bit of healthy competition that keeps you both motivated or the kind that has you both sending those afternoon support messages that ensure you both rock up to a session.

Healthy competition is not only a great motivator but it can also help to increase performance which in turn becomes a motivator.

Pushing past those barriers

If you have trained by yourself you know that it takes a special kind of dedication to keep on pushing when your body is hurting and your mind is telling you to pull back.  

With a training partner, they will be able to push you far beyond what you perceive your normal limits to be.  Having someone there killing those thoughts of quitting as they arise make a huge difference.  This doesn’t have to be some commando style screaming, even just some words of encouragement can help you stay focused and push out that extra 1% that makes all the difference.


Having a “spotter” when doing certain exercises (such as bench press) can mean that you can push out that last rep without the fear of potentially getting yourself pinned under the bar with no one around to help you.

Someone having a set of eyes on your when training can help to ensure that you are performing exercises correctly.  Your training partner can step in when the ego is taking over and you start to load one too many plates on the bar.

Building stronger relationships

Setting goals with someone and working together in pursuit of these goals is a powerful thing.  As you start to get close to or reach these goals you will notice that in the process you have created a stronger bond.  As you both reach these important milestones and celebrate each others achievements you will be creating memories together that you won’t forget.

Allowing you to be in a vulnerable situation with somebody creates a level of safety between the two and builds a connection.  It can also just provide you with a common interest that you can both share.

Its just more fun

Even if you are serious about your exercise, its always good to be able to have a joke in the process and make things a bit more fun.

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