Building strong relationships through a healthy lifestyle

These days we all should know that exercise and proper nutrition is good for our body but what you might not know is that it’s also great for building strong relationships.


Trust is a fundamental part of any healthy relationship.  

In the book “The Culture Code” author Daniel Coyle states that “Vulnerability doesn’t come after trust – it precedes it.  Leaping into the unknown, when done alongside others, causes the solid ground of trust to materialise beneath our feet”.

Vulnerability is a common state to find yourself in when exercising or training.  Whether you are new to the gym and are unsure about how to use any of the equipment or you are an experienced lifter with 100’s of kilo’s loaded on your back going for a new personal best, you are in a very vulnerable state.

To be able to share these experiences with your partner, best mate or another family member helps to build a foundation of trust through your mutual situations of vulnerability.


Sharing a common interest or passion is a great way for people to build a strong connection.  When you are both able to share in experiences that you both enjoy it will create a sense of closeness.

This doesn’t mean that you both have to be in the gym together all of the time.  It could mean taking up a hobby such as mountain bike riding, going on hikes together or even cooking your shared favourite healthy meals together!


Working on yourself is a never ending but very fulfilling journey.  It becomes even more fulfilling when you can share your goals with someone else and both grow together.

Even if you are both on seperate health journeys and have different goals.  Just the fact the you are both working towards self improvement together will forge a stronger relationship over time.  As you both start reaching your goals and growing as individuals you will notice that you will also feed off each other successes.


Having strong support networks is an integral part of our lives.  When we surrounded by people that lift each other up its amazing what can be achieved.

Being able to support someone as well as be supported will enable you to push past those setbacks that you will inevitably face on your health and fitness journeys.  Having someone there to tell you to keep going when you feel as though you can’t can mean all the difference between growing or quitting.

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