Your Mental DietMindset

Your Mental Diet

Your Mental Diet Check out this one secret diet that always has the best results! That opening line was clickbaity as fuck and hopefully it…
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October 16, 2020
Gym IntimidationMindset

Gym Intimidation

Gym Intimidation I remember the first time i ever walked into the gym… I’d decided that it was time to start getting bigger (i was…
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October 16, 2020
Building ConfidenceMindset

Building Confidence

https://youtu.be/stz6IycXfzo Building Confidence We all want to be confident... To be able to handle ourselves in any situation and overcome any obstacles that are in…
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July 24, 2019


https://youtu.be/kym75op5gcA Meditation Meditation used to have a strong association with the long bearded man sitting on top of a mountain with his legs crossed, humming…
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April 19, 2019