Fear of Getting Too Big

Over 10 years ago i joined my first gym located in the beautiful Perth hills. I had been there for a few weeks and wanted to start taking my training more seriously.

I walked up to the owner and asked him for some advice on how i should be training to get bigger but i made it very clear that i didn’t want to get too big.

He smirked and gave me some advice on eating enough food and remaining consistent.

10 years later i’ve built a lot of muscle in comparison to the skinny young kid i once was, although today i still look like an average guy with an athletic build and this isn’t through lack of trying to be bigger.

There is a misconception in the community, more so with females that if you pick up the heavy weights you could end up looking like a professional body builder. This is similar to saying you don’t want to get a drivers license because you might end up being a professional race car driver.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a pro bodybuilder but it requires a lifetime of dedication, genetics and extreme focus.

What will actually happen is you become stronger, healthier and find out what your body is capable of. You’ll also see huge mental benefits such as a rise in confidence, self discipline and mental clarity.

Whether you’re a guy or girl the benefits from strength training are massive. I look back and i’m glad that the skinny little kid from the hills wasn’t afraid of ending up “too big”.