Gym Intimidation

I remember the first time i ever walked into the gym…

I’d decided that it was time to start getting bigger (i was a really skinny kid growing up). There were tons of machines i didn’t know how to use, every single guy there was bigger than me and the whole experience was weird.

Luckily i went with a mate of mine that knew how to use the machines and what exercises to do. We pretty much avoided the free weights and stuck to the machines. Doing the old 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise.

We eventually moved onto the cables and there was a rope hanging down. My mate must have walked away because when i was attempting to do some tricep pushdowns, a lovely middle aged lady came over and offered to show me how to do it properly (i was struggling with the weight).

She grabbed the rope, told me some cues and moved the weight i was struggling with easily. I stood there feeling pretty embarrassed that i had just been out lifted by this older lady. There was no malice on what she did, in fact, the complete opposite. She wanted to ensure i didn’t hurt myself.

The truth is, that moment of embarrassment was nothing compared to the massive body/mind transformation that followed over the next decade. Plus i now knew how to correctly perform a new exercise.

You might feel as though everyone is looking at you, making fun of you or annoyed that you’re in the way but everyone is there for the same reason and had their day 1 in the gym.

Take the first step and one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh at your embarrassing gym moment.