Having Average Training Sessions?

I’ve never regretted a workout in my life. Had plenty of terrible training sessions but just the fact i got my ass up and went to the gym is a win in itself.

Here are some reasons why your training session might not have been as good as you’d hoped.

  • You didn’t sleep well the night before – Without proper sleep your body struggles to recover and re-energise ready for the next day.
  • You’re dehydrated – Dehydration impairs your body’s ability to regulate heat. this can cause your heart rate to rise and feel more tired. It also weakens your cognitive ability which affects your motor control and concentration.
  • You haven’t recovered properly – Muscle growth doesn’t come from training it comes from recovering from our training. So when we haven’t allowed it to properly recover you might feel weaker than normal. Your central nervous system can also become fatigued when regularly lifting maximal loads. Listen to what your body needs and give it some rest.
  • You haven’t eaten enough – You need fuel for your workouts so if you aren’t eating before you train (even something small like a piece of fruit) you may burn out during your workouts. This is especially true when you’re in a dieting phase and your body is already craving energy.
  • You’re stressed – Training is a stressor, when you add this to other stressors in your life (work, relationships, finances) it can become too much. This can effect your sleep, mood, recovery, ability to stick to your diet among other things. Sometimes a solid workout is just what you need to help deal with the your stress but if you feel as though you are “burning out” this could be one of the reasons.

A shit workout isn’t the end of the world. It’s normal and everyone has them. If you find yourself having more than your fair share it might be worth re-visiting this list.