Avoid The Guilt Of Social Events

It’s Uncle Joe’s 60th, your family’s come together for the first time in months. Your mum’s making that amazing cheesecake you haven’t had in years.

There’s two ways you can look at this.

The first way is holy shit, I can’t go, too much temptation, too many calories, too much alcohol. I’m going to ruin all my progress.

The second way to look at it is I’m so excited to see my family and my loved ones, meet my new niece or nephew and to be excited about the event itself.

Unless you’re competing for a body building competition, and you’re needing to get extremely lean, what’s there to worry about? This one event is not going to ruin your progress. It’s when you continually blow out that things come to a halt.

Here are a few tips that can help you relax.

  • Look at the pros of the social event. If you’re going to Uncle Joe’s 60th, look at it that you’re excited to see friends and family. You’re excited to meet your niece, or your nephew. You’re excited to talk about a holiday. Look at the the positives, don’t go in with negative thoughts.
  • Don’t restrict yourself. If you restrict yourself, you’re more than likely going to go and hide yourself in the back room eating that whole cheesecake that your mum’s made. No restriction is less likely to binge. Be smart when you get in there. If are you going to an event that involves food, look at your options. You obviously want to go for an option that’s going to keep you fuller and more satisfied over the event.
  • Don’t bring any negative connotations to food when you’re having conversations with people. Just eat it, be a part of the conversation, be involved in the conversation. That’s it.

The biggest thing to remember is food isn’t just energy, it’s experiences, it’s social events, it’s culture, it’s religion. It’s everything and anything. So, be part of those moments, and stop overthinking it. Stop worrying about every little thing, and bring it back to that moment and enjoy.

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