It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

In a world of highlight reels it’s hard to not want instant results. Even i have my own 12 week transformation that i like to share every so often.

What everyone else doesn’t get to see is the years of learning, trial and error and failures that it took for me to get there. I had spent a long time building up habits, consistency and knowledge that put me in a position that allowed me to lose a large amount of body fat in a fairly short time.

Once i had made the decision to start dieting that was it. I didn’t consume anything that wasn’t accounted for and everything was weighed and measured. My social life was non existent and i would eat, sleep train and work.

For a lot of people taking this approach isn’t ideal. They need to lean into making better decisions over time which compound into healthier habits and become solid fundamentals.

These fundamentals are what will yield the best results over the long run.

It’s far better to be realistic with how much time it’s going to take to reach your goals than to rush the process, become disheartened because you feel as though you have failed and give up.

Treat the journey like a marathon not a sprint and you will find the whole process to be much more enjoyable. Take the pressure off yourself, remain consistent and the results will happen.