Why was ReGen Coaching born?

To help people take control of their lives and find their confidence through healthy, sustainable, long term lifestyle choices.


I was a very scrawny kid growing up, always heavily into sports and very active. When I hit my late teens got caught up in drug and alcohol abuse which lead to years of depression and unhappiness.

Eventually something had to change. I found myself in the gym and the more I trained, the more I started to find myself again… Fast forward a decade and things are much different.

Starting out, I took an all or nothing approach. Would heavily restrict myself during the week and then binge on the weekends. This wasn’t healthy or sustainable. Eventually I was able to adopt a mindset of balance. This has allowed me to still enjoy things in moderation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There have been times when i’ve had a specific goal that required a lot more restriction and discipline but only for a short period of time. Once the goal has been reached, I fall back on the fundamental habits that allow me to stay balanced.

Through these struggles I have been able to develop an understanding of the journey that many go through when learning how to build healthier lifestyles.

Brenton MountfordCo-Founder, Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Certified
Coach Brenton Plate Photoshoot
Coach Christine Deadlift Photoshoot


Over the past few years I’ve been negatively impacted on the way society has created these physical norms for everyone, with almost no care on the implications to an individuals mental state.

The day I decided to switch off from societies expectations was the day I learnt to love and appreciate myself for what I was capable of and the things I had and will achieve. I’m an online coach, a powerlifter, a travel blogger and an all round advocate for continuous self growth.

My passion lies not in making the change for people, but giving people the tools to change the way they feel and see themselves, both physically and mentally through the power of exercise, nutrition and a little TLC.

Christine HuggettCo-Founder, Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Certified

We Can Relate

We created ReGen Coaching because we know there are millions of people with stories similar to ours, that come with their own struggles. Whether that’s addiction, body image issues, heavy workloads, stress, depression or anything in between.

We can relate to your journey and can help you navigate your way back to the top. Our mission is to help people make the necessary changes to their lifestyle by equipping them with the tools and support needed to live healthy, fulfilling lives that they can share with their friends and family.

Our Core Values


Highest Level Of Integrity

Our focus is to change the current perception of online coaches by maintaining a high level of integrity.

We do this by seeking to always remain honest and clear about everything that we do. If our clients aren’t receiving any benefit from our coaching then we will look to understand how this can be changed and take the required action.

Ways that our coaches can live this value include:

  • Being honest with our clients when it comes to their progress.
  • Being transparent with prospective clients and notifying them if we don’t think that we can actually help.
  • Our membership cancellation process is simple.
  • Walk the walk.

Ways that our clients can live this value are:

  • Be honest with their coaches and themselves.
  • Taking responsibility for their actions.


Development Of Knowledge

Our coaches are on a continuous journey of knowledge and understanding. We believe that education is the key to offering a higher value service to our clients.

We also believe that passing on our knowledge is an integral part of our coaching experience. It may seem counter-intuitive but we want our clients to have an understanding of training and nutrition that they can carry with them throughout the rest of their lives, long after we are gone.

Sustainable healthy habits that can be passed on through their families will create a bigger impact on the community as a whole over time.

Ways that our coaches can live this value include:

  • Constantly reading new books or listening to podcasts and audiobooks
  • Going to seminars and learning from other industry professionals.
  • Participating in more formal education programs.
  • Experiencing different training modalities.
  • Being open to new ideas and having our minds changed on our current ideas.

Ways that our clients can live this value are:

  • Apply the different strategies that our coaches teach to their daily lives.
  • Be curious about what our coaches teach. Read up further on training, nutrition, recovery etc and challenge the coaches on what they have taught you.
  • Teach your newly found healthy habits to your friends and family.


Nurture The Journey

We help to cultivate an understanding with our clients that the journey is just as important as the destination. Everyone has their own journey and challenges that come with it. Be empathetic with our clients and really seek to understand how they may be feeling. Don’t be too quick to jump in and offer solutions based on our own experiences without first fully understanding the client.

As each journey is different, we will approach our clients coaching system differently. This allows us to cater for different experience levels and situations.

Ways that our coaches can live this value include:

  • Show empathy to our clients when they are struggling with an issue.
  • Give support and celebrate our clients “Wins” whenever possible.
  • Guide our clients to the best of our ability in a way that helps them how they want to be helped.

Ways that our clients can live this value are:

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Take the time to appreciate personal milestones and “wins”.
  • Don’t try to rush. You can’t undo a lifetime of bad habits in a few short weeks.


Strive For Excellence

Aim to provide the highest level of service to our customers and go above and beyond expectations.

We are open to and encourage continuous feedback from our clients so that we are able to target our weaknesses and offer a more well rounded higher quality service. We constantly try to criticise our current methodology and continue to formulate stronger systems and processes that benefit us and our clients.

Ways that our coaches can live this value include:

  • Always give that bit extra that isn’t required.
  • Be critical of how you are doing things and ask yourself if they can be done better.
  • Take feedback on board and use it to make improvements.

Ways that our clients can live this value are:

  • Be consistent. This is they key factor when making any type of positive change. There will always be setbacks but keep doing the small things and over time they turn into big progress.
  • Give 100% – You don’t have to be the strongest, leanest or fastest person to achieve your goals. It all comes down to effort.