No Carbs After 6pm

Unfortunately cutting out carbs after 6:00pm means absolutely nothing.  Unless of course your goal is weight loss and those extra carbs have taken you out of a caloric deficit.

This is one of those old school bodybuilding myths that gets around gyms but has absolutely no basis whatsoever.

When you have been partaking in a period of minimal carbs, then have a big carb filled meal, the scales can jump up a couple of kilos in the morning.  This doesn’t mean you have gained a couple of kilos of fat.  What it does mean, is for ever gram of carbohydrates that the body stores as Glycogen there will be around 2-3 grams of water retained.  This means that you aren’t all of a sudden fatter, just holding onto more water.

When it comes to fat loss overall energy balance is what makes the difference.   The old calories in, calories out equation.  Your body doesn’t understand that the clock has just ticked over to 6:01 and those carbs that you just ate are going to be stored as fat.

If anything we suggest that you do consume some carbs at night time.  There have been studies done (here is an abstract from one of those studies – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6400041) that suggest that carbohydrate rich meals cause a chain of chemical reactions in the body that increase levels of Serotonin in the brain and cause sleepiness. 

The only other time that consuming carbs may have a difference would be just before a training session.  This is so the body has extra fuel to help you perform harder in your workout and result in extra calories being burnt.

Enjoy your carbohydrates whenever you wish, just as long as the amount that you consume coincides with your goals and caloric targets.

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