Should You Wear A Lifting Belt

The point of a lifting belt is to provide support for your lower back when going for maximal or near maximal load attempts on compound exercises. They create more intra-abdominal pressure which then helps to stabilise and reduce the amount of stress that is put on the spine.

Think of it as extra protection of the spine when performing heavy lifts.

A lifting belt is not necessary when you are doing day to day training using sub maximal loads.  We wouldn’t suggest wearing a belt unless required as it can become a crutch and stop you from using proper bracing techniques. It’s important that you build up a strong core (the bodies natural lifting belt) so that you can remain stable when lifting.

If you are still learning how to brace correctly (check out the link below on bracing techniques) then you can also use the belt as a proprioception (body awareness) tool.  You can place your belt on looser than how you should wear it when performing heavy lifts and focus on breathing down into your diaphragm and pushing your core out 360 degrees into your belt as hard as you can.  This will help to create an awareness of your bracing and eventually it will become second nature.

It’s definitely worth investing in a lifting belt as they are a great piece of equipment when used correctly.

Bracing Techniques

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