Staying On Track When Travelling

So the holiday you’ve been waiting for has finally come around. You have spent the last few weeks and even months working hard to feel and look amazing in that little itty bitty bikini or your favourite red holiday dress, but the paranoia kicks in. How do you go on holidays and enjoy yourself, but not blow all of your progress?

Firstly, don’t forget that you’ve not only worked hard to look and feel a little better for your holiday, but you have worked hard to get yourself on this holiday in the first place, you deserve a break.

High Protein Options 

Theres no doubt that eating either meals/snacks that are high in protein are going to make you feel fuller for longer and help you get to your next meal, without having to inhale the entire contents of the mini bar.

  • Pack protein powder or packages snacks from home.
  • Go to the local 7/11 and pick up things like beef jerky or greek yogurt to keep as snacks.
  • Order meals that are based around a high protein food. (Salmon steaks, chicken, tofu etc and ask for dressings/sauces on the side)

Own the Breakfast Buffet

Most of the time you’ll start your day off with a buffet style breakfast, with every possible food option under the sun and smells, colours an array of foods that are all very intriguing and exciting.

  • Try having a small portion of all of those interesting foods over the course of your stay. This way you still get to try something new, but you’re not loading up your plate with full servings sizes of every options, every day.
  • Start your meal with a high protein option. Breakfast could be scramble eggs and some bacon, which you know you’ll enjoy and you have a rough idea of what you’re actually eating..
  • Water over juice. Save your calories for something better… like a cocktail or some ice cream.

Avoid too Many Liquid Calories 

It’s very easy to consume your daily amount of calories all through alcohol and in a very short period of time.

To give you a quick idea, an espresso martini can be roughly 300 calories…. 4-5 cocktails later and you could have easily eaten 2-3 decent size meals instead.

  • Still try that fancy cocktail, just maybe stop at 1 or 2.
  • Replace cool drink mixers to sugar free options. (diet coke, soda water etc)
  • Add flavour to your drinks with a wedge of lemon or lime, not syrups.
  • Ask the bar tender to make a few changes (i.e not cover your glass in sugar, when you order that mojito)


In this age it’s easy and usually pretty affordable to get around when you’re on holiday, especially with the likes of Ubers and free hotel shuttle buses being readily available. It might seem like a good idea to use one of these options, but there’s at least two downfalls to doing so. By walking a few metres or kms, you’re not only more than likely to burn a few calories, but you’re going to see more of the places you visit. (Which normally is part of the reason you visit a certain area in the first place….)

  • Ask for the room furthest away from the lobby, if possible.
  • Map out restaurants/cafes/attractions that are within working distance and visit one per day.
  • Make use of the hotel pool/gym
  • No gym? Start your day with a full body, bodyweight session or pack some resistance bands. 
  • Ask your hotel if they have any group exercise/yoga classes available
  • Take the stairs, not the lift and walk like a normal human being at the airport and stay away from the travelators…


We believe in a balanced lifestyle regardless of if you’re on holidays or not. But the truth is, majority of people will eat ,drink and exercises very differently when they’re on holidays and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Remember how good you felt when you finished that gym session last week or how incredible that street food tour you did in Thailand was? Both things make you feel good and give you two very different experiences. There is no reason we can’t overlap these. So simply, make healthier choices when you can and move when you can. (It really can be that simple…)

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