The Beginners Guide To The Gym

Walking into the gym for the first time can be extremely intimidating, there may be a lot of machines that you don’t know how to use and you’re afraid to try them out in case you look silly or even worse, get injured!

There’s always that fit looking person that knows what they’re doing, so you think you may just be able to copy them. The truth is they could have been exercising for years and their experience level may be higher than what yours is.

Below are some ideas on how you should start off and slowly progress as you gain experience and confidence:

  • Warm Up – Ensure that you do a proper warmup so that you don’t get injured while exercising. Spend a little bit of time warming up on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine.
  •  Bodyweight Exercises – Start off with basic bodyweight exercises to build up a base level of strength and coordination. These could include:
    – Push ups
    – Crunches
    – Squats
    – Lunges
    – Bench dips
    – Step Ups
    – Horizontal pull ups
  • Machines – From there you can progress to the machines. The machines are fantastic as they allow you to add a bit of weight while also supporting your body to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Free Weights – As you gain some strength and become familiar with the movement patterns you can progress to the dumbbells and barbells. Still start off light with a weight that you can always maintain control over. Once you have improved your stabilisation you can start to slowly increase the weight over time to make the exercises harder.

By going into the gym armed with a proper plan and understanding on how to perform the exercises, you will have the confidence to feel as though you don’t have to hide in the corner.

At ReGen, We can show you what exercises are safe to start with and as you gain experience, how to progress.

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