Your Mental Diet

Check out this one secret diet that always has the best results!

That opening line was clickbaity as fuck and hopefully it caught your attention.

The diet that i’m talking about isn’t Keto, Vegan, Paleo or thankfully Carnivore. I want to talk about your mental diet. These are the things that we think, read, hear and speak.

This diet is just as important as what you physically put into your mouth as it has a massive impact on the way you feel.

We have access to so much information these days it’s becoming harder and harder to capture our attention. This has resulted in us being exposed to constant extremes. A lot of the time, these extremes are also negative.

This constant negativity can start to influence the way we think and see the world. This creates negative thought patterns that can often leave us feeling depressed and miserable.

The good news is you have the power to create positive thought patterns.

Try out the 7 Day Mental Diet

  • For seven days you will carefully watch your thoughts.
  • Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that today will be a great day! Don’t spend anytime dwelling on negative thoughts.
  • You must be able to recognise when negative thoughts arise and not give them any energy whatsoever. Acknowledge the thought then move on straight away.
  • You are only allowed to focus on solutions not problems. The moment you recognise a problem, start searching for the solution.
  • Take ownership of everything that happens to you. You are never a victim but someone in complete control of your life and the decisions that you make.
  • Ideally you would remove social media completely for the week but that’s not always realistic. Instead remove the apps from your phone (unless you need them for work) so you can only scroll on your computer and limit yourself to 15 minutes or enough time to reply to any messages or comments.
  • Avoid the news.
  • Absolutely avoid all gossip or negative talk about someone else. Even if you aren’t the one doing the talking you need to remove yourself from the conversation or change the subject. This includes the way you talk about yourself.
  • Each day congratulate yourself on something that you achieved for the day.

The point of the 7 days is to create awareness of your thoughts and break the negative thought patterns by consciously steering your thoughts towards something positive when a negative thought arises.

This is not an easy task as there are years of mental conditioning behind the way you think but through creating awareness you can be in complete control of your thoughts.

Give it a whirl and i promise to keep the clickbait titles to a minimum.